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Worthy Subscriptions


||Hare Krishna||

Here we present you with some worthy subscriptions that will add to your life’s actual path. We mean it. These subscriptions bring to you prior alerts so that you won’t miss important days, muhurats, special occasions, karmas such as daan, pooja, precautionary measures, etc.

Gist: These subscriptions drive your vedic life in parallel with your job and daily routines.

AI: Go ahead and buy these essential subscriptions and be blessed by Shri Krishna without actually being in mainstream vedic life and remembering all dates in your busy schedule.


  • Ekadashi vrat

In a year we have 24 ekadashi vrat, two per month. Do not want to miss any of them, then take our assistance at a negligible fees of Rs. 50 per vrat alert, which will amount to Rs.1200 per bhakt per year. A kutumba with 4 or more bhakt members can buy a pack of amount of Rs.4500(reduced Rs.300) for 4 members per year. Here we will inform you well in advance to let you prepare for the ekadashi vrat performance. You may not appreciate the worthiness of doing ekadashi at the beginning but mark our words, you will be immensely blessed as assured by Shri Krishna.

  • Special days

All of us have desires and we want our desires to be fulfilled within this life span. We also know its not so comfortable journey to fulfill our desires. Hence we take external support in accomplishing our wishes. A great support which most of us prefer is the support from the cosmos and then we see do not know how they work? Jyotishya shastra come to our help here. Its one of the 6 shastras which explains in detail the working nature of cosmic elements, their special days on which certain small and big performances can boost your journey to fulfilling desires.

We thereby can come into your support by providing vital information on performances on the special days. These performances will be in accordance with jyotishya shastra, prior experiences by ancient people and hence have potential to yield good results early. We provide the special days alerts and information at a reasonable fee of Rs.365 per bhakt per year. Go ahead and buy this special days alerts and be blessed by Shri Krishna.

||Hare Shri Krishna||